DESIGNER, Created and designed by Joan Oh, EVLEO was established for women who believe that confident self-expression is never too imperative.

Korean-born Oh was always an avid lover of the arts and architecture junkie, constantly finding inspiration in her international travels. She decided to articulate her taste into her work and attended the Fashion Institute of Design and Merchandise in Los Angeles, initially for jewelry design.

As Oh continued to satisfy her yearning for travel in her early career, she saw the need for clothes that could keep up with her jet-setting routine. With that, she launched EVLEO—a line of live-in apparel for the modern woman who understands that luxury and comfort are synonymous.

The name "EVLEO" comes from a Korean phrase meaning "something you'd like to wear." EVLEO started as a premium leggings brand, committed to providing amazing fit and designed using luxury fabrics. The allure of EVLEO leggings is that they can be versatile enough for work or play—appropriate the office, but can be dressed up with a blazer for a night out. After one short season of astounding positive feedback, Oh decided that the same high-end taste would be expanded from a “leggings only” line to a lifestyle brand.

An EVLEO design is a reflection of the customer: A piece is meant to have the ease to adapt with a busy lifestyle and to be enticing enough to turn heads. Each detail of a garment is meticulous, from the fabric hand to the very last stitch. And for a conscientious designer like Oh, she has no reservations to refit a classic legging 8 or 9 times before finally approving it. As a company, EVLEO promises to relentlessly push boundaries and to advocate quality while also adhering to Joan's core design philosophy; is it—as its namesake suggests—something you'd like to wear? Well, you tell us.